Customer review on adding curb appeal to your home

by West Coast Overhead Door

Mike Toyooka (owner of West Coast Overhead Door) came to my little Santa Monica beach bungalow this week and gave it a facelift that was so beyond anything I hoped for, I had to look up his FB to give him a SHOUT OUT!!! This little untouched 1957 run-down gem had a classic heavy wooden wide door that was so impossible to open, there was no point trying to use the spacious garage for an actual vehicle. Now, a push of a button, a whisper as the door rolls up without needing any space in front or behind like the old swing-up door needed, and VOILA you are in. And the face of the house looks amazingly better. I always read the lines about these doors "increase the curb appeal of your home" and thought it was just a specious ad pitch. But it is absolutely true. Even my period house, which I would have thought would reject a modern door like Happy Days would have rejected Quentin Tarantino. But I ordered one with diamond shaped windows across the top that mirrored the diamond-set window panes down the side of the house, and that door looks a million times better than the old one ever did.My picture is below this, yellow house in Santa Monica, thanks Mike for posting pics!

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